El Buffet LIbre - Euromercat Escudero

Our buffet

Located just at the entrance to La Jonquera (arriving from France) and next to Euromercat Escudero, El Buffet Libre is situated in an unbeatable location.

More than 200 dishes to choose from, with a carefully-selected variety of Mediterranean recipes. Large air-conditioned dining rooms, with all the amenities and seating for 500 people.

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Our dishes

Over 200 dishes to choose 

Salads and cold meats

Try our seasonal, fresh and high-quality salads. Artichokes with ham, seafood salad, home-made sausages and much, much more.

Vegetables and side dishes

A wide array of steamed vegetables and side dishes including stuffed tomatoes and aubergines, young green beans, broad beans and Andalusian flamenco eggs.

Paella, pasta & pizzas

Up to four kinds of paella: mixed, seafood, Valencian and black. We also have fideuàs, spaghetti bolognese and carbonara, pasta with seafood and pizzas.

Meat & grilled dishes

We serve the traditional Spanish Mediterranean dishes, snails with pig’s trotters, Madrid-style tripe and beans with Catalan butifarra sausage. And, if you prefer, grilled meat and fish.

Fish & seafood

Enjoy an excellent plate of fish zarzuela, prawns with garlic or mussels a la marinera or baked or grilled salmon, sea bream or sea bass.


Try our tray of desserts, divided into two parts: fresh seasonal fruit and the selection of cakes, creams, tiramisu and other sweet foods.


And, to finish a unique evening, enjoy the wide selection of cheeses, with more than 15 kinds: goat cheese, cow cheese, Brie, blue, Manchego, etc.

Try our Bar - Restaurant

A Bar – Restaurant located next to the entrance to El Buffet Libre, near Euromercat Escudero, with a wide range of cold and hot sandwiches, hot dogs, combined dishes, tapas, snacks, hamburgers, salads and grilled meats.

The Rei de la Tapa (King of the Tapa) terrace is a smoking area where the same dishes as those on the bar menu are served. It is an enclosed space suitable for hot and cold weather.